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We aim to foster age-appropriate growth and learning, challenge and stimulate children, and prepare kids for school.  
An emergent curriculum allows us a  way of planning a program based on the children’s interests and passions such as printing, social skills, counting, dramatic and sensory play.
When creating the weekly program plan the staff refer to the current ELECT document as guidance in planning activities.




Daily activities such as painting, crafts, free exploration play such as block building.


Children are read a variety of stories on a daily basis that explore different characters and narratives.


Our indoor and outdoor space allow for plenty of play with a variety of stimuli.


The sensory bin is just one way our toddlers learn through tactile engagement.


Our kids explore various ways of expressing themselves through artisitc outlets such as drama, painting, and  music.


Encouragement of collaboration, sharing, vocal expression of needs & wants, and following the norms set out by our leaders are a daily occurance.

* Additionally, toddlers are given a nap time in the afternoon.



Crafts, painting, drawing, puppets, dance, and wild performances fill the day. Children are encouraged to experiment and utilize their imaginations to express themselves and share their creations with peers and teachers.


Daily indoor play with a variety of toys, as well as outdoor play with scooters, tricycles, and the playground equipment. As well, regular trips down to the beach and surrounding area help engage toddlers with new environments.

Language Development

We explore a new letter weekly and theme activities around each letter of the alphabet. Books, activities, and letter practice happen as a class to help prepare one another for their next journey in education.


In preparation for kindergarten, we work with our pre-schoolers to develop the skills necessary to help them succeed. We provide regular practice with fine-motor skills for writing, physical skills for being active, and life skills such as washing & using the washroom


Through play and activities, children are encouraged to engage with one another and use proper actions & behaviour to work together and express emotions appropriately.

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