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May Newsletter

Hello Everyone,

It is our pleasure to introduce our new monthly newsletter will you will get the latest updates and upcoming events happening here Lakeside.

We can’t believe is it already May! Time flies when you’re having fun and “fun” is Lakeside’s middle name! In April, we finally got outside on a consistent basis and we couldn’t be happier about it. Getting fresh air, exploring outside and getting messy are some of our favourite things to do and we expect to be doing a lot more of that from here on out! Two of our littlest friends also turned two at the end of April and as always, we celebrated with cupcakes, laughs and fun! We are continuing on working with our preschoolers on printing as well with the Letter of the Week with the entire class, as well as learning about the days of the week, months and seasons. In April, we worked on learning what items began with the letters I, J K & L. Our friends are doing such a wonderful job brainstorming with their teachers about what types of things begin with each letter of the week!

Upcoming in May, we will be working on the letters N,O,P & Q as well as continuing on practicing name printing with our preschoolers. We soon hope to move on to printing names and letters without the assistance of tracing and are more than confident in our smart cookies! We will also be working on some Mother’s Day gifts the next two weeks, so stay tuned for that! As the weather gets nicer, we will be doing some planting and a lot more outside sensory activities, including tons of water play so please provide your children with a lot of extra clothing as we will surely be getting dirty! We will also be taking impromptu trips to the Purple Park and The Boardwalk to help our friends practice walking in a line to prepare for our Summer trips! We all look forward to the warmer months ahead and being outside all day, again!

Fun at Purple Park


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